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Talistar provide a wide range of consultative strategic planning for businesses. The service includes 360 degree business appraisals, gap analysis, planning and strategic implementation.


Astrix 5 is our proprietary market leading recruitment and talent management software. The platform handles every step of the recruitment process from application through to payroll and invoicing.


Looking for a tailored recruitment solution? We have a dedicated team of developers that can not only assist you with the rollout of our Astrix platform, but can tailor it to suit your exact needs.


Talistar is a leading provider of talent management software and strategic advice. With over 15 years of experience, Talistar is well equipped to provide you and your business with the talent management solutions you need.

The Astrix platform is our proprietary technology and is a state-of-the-art recruitment software package that will revolutionise the way your business operates. The platform provides a full circle recruitment offering, from growing and managing your talent pool through to compliance and finance.

Talistar’s proven track record at creating efficient and cost saving solutions has meant that we are the chosen provider for some of the world’s largest institutions such as the World Cup 2014.

  • Recruitment
  • Talent management
  • Resource planning
  • Client relationship management
  • Time tracking
  • Compliance
  • 360 degree solution

"Talistar's solutions increased our workforce productivity by 85% and saved us £1000's over the first year of using their software."

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Astrix Platform



In today's world it is vital that that all people within your business have the correct and relevant documentation in order to work. With a predefined set of requirements, the Astrix platform prompts the user to ensure all correct documentation is filed prior to employing applicants. This not only ensures that your talent pool is fit and able to work but ensures that your business is protected as in almost all countries this is a legal requirement.



Astrix includes a robust reporting tool that can be used to generate snapshots or full picture reports allowing you to see an immediate overview of your business performance.



The Astrix platform contains a robust recruitment module that will handle the process from application through to employment. Looking to handle the interview process as well? Not a problem, the Astrix system includes interview scheduling and tracking and if someone needs a little more training on the job you can even schedule a date for them as well.

Client management

Client management

Client relationship management (CRM) is at the core of the Astrix platform. The platform gives you the ability to manage your contact lists, schedule work and even automatically invoice via email.



Astrix allows you to manage and plan your talent resource by allocating shift times and dates. Notifications can be set for a variety of elements including under staffed jobs ensuring no stone is left unturned.

Time tracking

Time tracking

The Astrix platform offers a multi level time tracking system that allows individual levels of time input for example, staff, client or administrators can enter time into worksheets. The time is then tracked and can be linked directly to invoicing.

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